Though born in Long Island, the majority of my life has been spent in the humid vistas of southwest Florida. My love of myths and fairy tales has essentially been in place since birth. In elementary school the Goosebumps series from R. L. Stine firmly solidified the horror genre as one of my prime passions. Books of ghost stories, folklore, urban legends, and creepy esoterica were my constant companions ever since.

Graduated with a bachelor’s degree in middle grades English education, I currently work as a part-time library assistant, though I like to think of myself more as a stuffy antiquarian in the Jamesian tradition probing into forbidden texts best left untouched.

I live in a house with a woman and a dog, both of whom I love.

The rest of the time is spent writing.

In addition to fiction, my work covers film and literary criticisms, biographical pieces, home video reviews, genre studies/histories, and book introductions.

My interests lean towards the macabre and the absurd, laughing at uncomfortable things while suppressing a shudder. I like to roam in the dark playing field where the two meet.