Words from Others

–“The Shepherd”–

“This is truly amazing. Great, excoriating work. Check it out.”

-Gemma Files, author of the Shirley Jackson Award-winning Experimental Film


-Mer Whinery, author of Trade Yer Coffin For a Gun

“It’s serious, personal, unsettling. It hangs around afterward. It’s the kind of horror fiction that I, jaded fan that I am, go looking for.”

-Bill Ryan, The Kind of Face You Hate

“The prose is full of tension and a creepiness that builds and builds… Dark and wrenchingly hopeful… A fantastic read!”

-Charles Payseur, Quick Sip Reviews

–“Pause for Laughter”–

“This mighty weird story ends a mighty weird book. Weirdness with truth at its heart.”

-The Des Lewis Gestalt Real-Time Reviews

“Truly an existential tale of a future. Touching in a weird way, which is hard to fathom, considering it’s told by a machete-wielding clown.”

-L. A. Barnitz, Imagined Worlds


“A remarkable piece of writing from Jose Cruz. Eloquent, heartfelt, and brave. It’s important that we open ourselves up (no pun intended) when we write. Self discovery, and self examination, are not for poetry alone. It’s at the heart of all good writing.”

-Neil Snowdon, editor of We Are the Martians: The Legacy of Nigel Kneale

“Jose Cruz offers a great essay on “Wild Acre” and “You Go Where It Takes You” in his Cold Print column at bare•bones ezine. He got these stories just the way I hoped people would.”

-Nathan Ballingrud, author of the Shirley Jackson Award-winning North American Lake Monsters

“What a fabulous series of articles. I never wanted it to end.”

-Peter Enfantino, editor of The Scream Factory: The Magazine of Horrors Past, Present, and Future