What’s New


Some updates on what’s coming and what’s being worked on.

On the nonfiction side, last week saw two pieces approved by their respective editors for as-yet-to-be-determined debuts in the future. Unhelpfully vague, I realize, but until confirmation at least can be made as to when they’ll be debuting I’m afraid I’ll have to keep mum on the subject. What I can say is that one is an introduction for a book on pre-code horror comics being issued by a specialty genre publisher and the other is a profile on actor Tod Slaughter, master British villain of melodrama, slated for appearance in a film magazine. I’m humbled to be working with both publishers, but to be honest the reality of it all still hasn’t quite sunken in yet. I’m slow like that.

Since I’ve started writing fiction in earnest again, I have managed to work on two short stories, one that was abandoned about a year and a half ago and the other a new piece that I’ve just shaped into a reasonable first draft this week. I ended up abandoning the old story, “The Ghosts of Old Town,” for a variety of reasons. Mostly, I think it’s too soon. There are some autobiographical bits in there that aren’t necessarily hard to write about so much as that I don’t think I have the proper amount of distance and experience to give them justice. A few people read it and, while some liked it, one commentator thought that it was closer to a kernel for something bigger than a fully-fleshed story as it is now. I started thinking there might be some truth in that, and in considering this a few different avenues of interest opened themselves up to me, some that may be explored later on, but not now.

The new story is coming along fine. I don’t want to say more than that, but here’s one of the videos I’ve had playing on a nightly loop to let you know where my head’s been for the last few days:

A good online pal of mine, Jeffrey Canino, he of the excellent horror critique space Nessun timore, just started up a new blog dedicated to his own writerly excursions. He’s been posting little bits of flash fiction on a daily basis, and each of them have been at turns strange, charming, and beautiful. Check him out at variable endings. and keep your eyes posted on him. It would not surprise me if we start seeing some of his work popping up in the near future.

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