REVIEW: High Strange Horror ed. Jonathan Raab


Though we’ve seen a deluge of new Weird Fiction in recent years, even the savviest reader might be at a loss to identify what exactly the “high strange horror” of Muzzleland Press’s anthology is. A quick glance at the cover with its Gray Man motel tenant and merit badges of mystery will give one a good notion. The book’s subtitle—“Weird Tales of Paranoia and the Damned”—is elaborated further in the introduction provided by editor Jonathan Raab. We soon find out that this is to be something different from the normal Weird genre fans are used to, something more in line with ominous television programs like In Search Of…, Unsolved Mysteries and Beyond Belief that documented purportedly true events of the paranormal, what Raab here defines using author and researcher Charles Fort’s term as instances of “the damned.”

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